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 Salvage Yard Scandals

This is a topic that needs to be addressed: For 25 years, Frane’s Auto Recycling has received feedback from our customers of their experiences with other previous Salvage Yards. Customers complain that they receive a  price quoted for their vehicles from other yards but when their truck arrives, the driver talks them down on the price that was originally given.

Why is this?..  Many Salvage Yards have flooded the business industry throughout the United States, which means we have more salvage yards then junk cars. So therefore, theres a great battle for each customer that calls a Salvage Yard to junk their vehicle. Most Salvage Yards will inflate their prices above what the car is really worth. They do this so their prices sound better than other Salvage Yards. But when their truck arrives, they train their drivers to talk them down to what the vehicle is really worth, most times even less.

At Frane’s Auto Recycling, we are very straight forward and honest with our pricing for vehicles. We do not inflate our prices to sound better than others. Though our prices may seem to sound lower then other Salvage Yards but truly there not. We offer fair market value for your vehicle and we are the only company that will offer Guaranteed Pricing for each vehicle quoted. You can rest assure that once you have done business with Aaron’s Auto Recycling, that you have dealt with a company that does business with honesty. We are NOT trying to talk down on other Salvage Yards to make us look good , we’re just informing our future customers of this kind of scandal that goes on from day to day.

Please feel free to leave feedback on your previous experience
with this type of scandal that goes on!

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With over 25 years’ combined experience in the automotive salvage junkyard industry which ensures you of a satisfactory experience, in which we pay top dollar for old, wrecked, burned, unwanted car! Call one of our cash for junk vehicle, damaged car or junk car removal specialist to receive your highest top dollar for your junk my car removal with guaranteed pricing, free towing & Get money for wrecked vehicles and Cash for my junk car removal today! And put us to the test! Worried about junking you car for cash? That’s no problem! View our blog page and see what we have to say about junk car removal companies.

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Our fast and professional junk my car removal specialists will buy any junk car, van, truck or suv and pay top dollar for junk cars. Looking to sell my junk truck or unwanted, old, wrecked, burned, scrap vehicles or junk vehicles? At Frane’s Auto Recycling, we can recycle your old, junk, car, vehicle, truck or suv in no time at all! We remove or buy junk cars  and provide junk car towing of all makes and models of any junk car, junk truck, junk van, and junk suv and provide free junk car removal and pay money for junk cars no matter what condition they are in at our automotive salvage junkyard, anywhere throughout your area. Same-day auto recycling is available with a free junk car removal on any property no matter the condition. So, sell my damaged car, sell my wrecked truck, sell my burned vehicle for cash today! We provide junk car prices for any junk car for sale and pay cash for junk cars with quick removal. Our family-owned-and-operated company will buy junk car, running or not and sell my junk car, recycle, scrap, old, unwanted cars that our customers don’t need any more. We offer nationwide auto recycling, junkyard and junk car removal for cash services, so be sure to contact us the next time you require our junk my car, junk my van, junk my truck, junk my suv removal expertise. Have a question?.. Visit our FAQ page.

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We provide county-wide coverage when you need to sell my junk car for cash and pay money for junk cars and offer free junk car removal in Avenel, New Jersey, NJ for junk car buyers. We offer cash for junk cars, cash for junk trucks, cash for junk vans, cash for junk suvs and pay top dollar for your junk my car removal today. Simply, contact one of our cash car buyers or automotive salvage team specialist located in Avenel, New Jersey, NJ in order to sell my junk car for cash for junk car removal. We buy and sell old, wrecked, damaged, burned and unwanted junk car, truck, van or suv and provide you with the best junk car prices when you need to recycle your old, scrap or junk car.

About our Automotive Salvage Junk Yard
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About Our Cash for Junk Car Removal Process
Get rid of my junk car today with proven cash for my junk car removal services from Frane’s Auto Recycling, conveniently located in Avenel, New Jersey, NJ. Our top priority in our automotive salvage junkyard, is to be your first choice when you need to sell my junk car for cash, sell my junk truck for cash, sell my junk van for cash, sell my junk suv for cash for free junk car removal. We buy junk cars for cash, buy junk trucks, buy junk vans, buy junk suvs in any condition. We purchase any unwanted, old, wrecked, burned, damaged, scrap vehicles, junk vehicles or junk autos for cash. Frane’s Auto Recycling & Cash for Junk Cars Inc, has been in business for over 25 years, buying and selling junk vehicles, which ensures you of a satisfactory experience! Call one of our cash for my junk car removal specialist today to receive your top dollar for junk cars or you can visit us online to receive money and the highest quote possible when selling my junk car for cash and free junk car removal with guaranteed pricing.

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We provide county wide coverage throughout all Avenel, New Jersey, NJ for junk car removal and buy junk cars for cash and sell junk cars for cash TODAY – All years, makes & models (Foreign & American) in any condition. With Guaranteed pricing, FREE TOWING & Cash paid on the spot. We buy junk vehicles and sell junk vehicles even if its old, wrecked, damaged, burned or unwanted and provide free junk car removal for cash, Hassle free. Simply provide us with the year, make & model and a small description of what is wrong with your scrap vehicle & within seconds we can quote you with the highest CASH for your junk vehicle anywhere in Avenel, New Jersey, NJ. Remember, We pay Cash for Junk Cars Today! Call … 855-337-2637… Monday to Saturday (8am – 8pm) & Closed Sunday “LORD’s Holy Day” (Isaiah 58:13).

Frane’s Auto Recycling & Cash for Junk Cars Inc. 

We specializes in buying and selling old, wrecked, burned, damaged, and unwanted junk cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs – all years, makes, and models in any condition and pay top dollar for junk cars. With more than 25 years of experience in the junk my car and junk car removal business, we pride ourselves on the quality of our prompt, honest, professional cash for junk car services. Feel free to contact us today to sell my junk car for cash or recycle your vehicle and speak to a junk car buyer to receive more information about our automotive salvage junkyard services located in Avenel, New Jersey, NJ.


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