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 Salvage Yard Scandals

This is a topic that needs to be addressed: For 25 years, Frane’s Auto Recycling has received feedback from our customers of their experiences with other previous Salvage Yards. Customers complain that they receive a  price quoted for their vehicles from other yards but when their truck arrives, the driver talks them down on the price that was originally given.

Why is this?..  Many Salvage Yards have flooded the business industry throughout the United States, which means we have more salvage yards then junk cars. So therefore, theres a great battle for each customer that calls a Salvage Yard to junk their vehicle. Most Salvage Yards will inflate their prices above what the car is really worth. They do this so their prices sound better than other Salvage Yards. But when their truck arrives, they train their drivers to talk them down to what the vehicle is really worth, most times even less.

At Frane’s Auto Recycling, we are very straight forward and honest with our pricing for vehicles. We do not inflate our prices to sound better than others. Though our prices may seem to sound lower then other Salvage Yards but truly there not. We offer fair market value for your vehicle and we are the only company that will offer Guaranteed Pricing for each vehicle quoted. You can rest assure that once you have done business with Aaron’s Auto Recycling, that you have dealt with a company that does business with honesty. We are NOT trying to talk down on other Salvage Yards to make us look good , we’re just informing our future customers of this kind of scandal that goes on from day to day.

Please feel free to leave feedback on your previous experience
with this type of scandal that goes on!

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